Streaming & App Testing

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Great performance helps you retain your hard-won customers. We enable you to test smarter and quicker to deliver quality services.

Our mission is to help you deliver content to the highest standards and exceed consumer expectations. Working with Testronic gives you access to expert testers, scale, measuring tools and metrics to help you overcome all your testing challenges.

Working with Testronic

Expand your testing capacity

In a dynamic environment you need flexibility to adapt and thrive. We give you that agility and support to help you meet every testing challenge. Whether you need on-demand help on a project or multi-territory, dedicated, 24 hour testing and monitoring, we are here for you.

We collaborate with you to create safe testing strategies and comprehensive test scenarios to ensure complete coverage of all service components. We can integrate seamlessly with your DevOps teams or build dedicated testing teams for remote or on-premise testing.

Our precision reporting developed for the world’s most popular content providers ensures you get the best curated data, metrics and KPI’s for your needs.

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Functional / UAT

Speeding up delivery cycles

Our testers have provided User acceptance testing for the launches of the world’s leading streaming platforms and are experts in developing and executing test plans. We work closely with development teams to ensure that your platform meets agreed acceptance criteria and consumer expectations.

We offer scalable support throughout development cycles and on-demand regression testing to make sure you hit delivery deadlines. We can report directly into your management systems and reporting tools to ensure efficient communication and task allocation.

Support for your dev teams

Quality of Experience

Don’t fall short at the final hurdle

Our teams check to ensure the consumer will enjoy the best possible viewing experience. We provide expert analysis and metrics to ensure optimal playback for the device, content and network conditions. We deliver collated data and give advice on key performance metrics including:

  • Video and audio quality
  • Video resolution 
  • Mean opinion score
  • Live content availability and sync
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming performance
Ensure premium playback

User Experience

Ensure ease of use

The success of your streaming service depends on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience. We use custom created device, browser and O/S matrix to mirror your audience. Our UX testers make sure every test scenario is covered through structured and exploratory testing.

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Make sure you measure up

If you want to know how your service compares to the market or you are launching a new app, we are here to provide objective data and analysis to make sure you don’t get left behind.

You can choose metrics from +3,000 KPI’s, including levels of latency, video quality, availabilityperformance, interoperability or local market conditions. All the information to help guide future development.

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Compatibility Testing

Every market, every screen

When you need to ensure a consistent user experience across browsers, operating systems, platforms, and devices, let us help and guide you.

We have over 1500 devices to replicate your target demographics for every market, including Smart TVs, mobile and tablets, operating systems, web browsers, consumer monitors, streaming devices, STBs and more. Testing can include compatibility, stability, interoperability, and performance, designed to your budget and timelines.

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Quality of Service

Find the weak links in the chain

The successful delivery of streamed video relies on a complex ecosystem of services provided by multiple vendors. Our tools detect issues from CDN through to device. We also ensure there is sufficient capacity to support your services and provide vital data to help you ensure your vendors deliver on their SLA’s.
Our goal is to ensure your platform delivers a stable and resilient service on all screens and in any condition and location.

Deliver with confidence

Live Stream Monitoring

Don’t gamble with high stakes

Live streaming has the highest risk and the most at stake. Viewers of live events and sport are the most unforgiving audience, and it is essential to get it right. We test your streams before, during and after live events to ensure your audience has the best possible viewing experience. Our real-time monitoring and automated alarm systems ensure appropriate and rapid escalation of any issues.

We provide 24-hour manual support across our testing hubs in multiple time zones. Our automated video quality tools ensure instant issue escalation for live streams and automatic video recording for remedial analysis.

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Platform Launch Support

Testing whenever and wherever you need it

Firing up a new service to a set launch date is challenging. Keeping to development deadlines and making sure all moving parts work requires dedicated and flexible testing support. Our teams have provided cross-disciplined, rapidly scalable support for the launches of the biggest streaming services in the world.

Our extensive, real device farms can be configured to match the usage of your target market and ensure device/browser/OS compatability. Our launch support service is designed to give you that extra testing support you need to ensure a successful launch.

Plan a safe launch

Localization QA

Happy consumers in every territory

Your streaming service and apps display text generated and translated from multiple locations and by multiple teams. When text is translated, the parts combined sometimes don’t work well on screen and for a particular market. Ensuring that your service feels curated and delivered specifically for each territory builds loyalty and helps retain your local subscribers.

Our cross-disciplined testers have backgrounds in both functional and localization ensuring that all content appears as intended for each territory. We translate and check translations from other sources, using native testers and the right devices for the market.

Speak to our localization team to find out how we can help you to deliver a premium localized user experience.

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VOD Availability

No more 404

When you publish VOD content you need to know that it is available, with the right content and with the correct assets for that market. Our automated search tools ensure fast and efficient issue identification and deliver notifications to the appropriate teams. These are some of the common checks we carry out:

· Online availability
· AV presence
· Geo-blocking
· Correct description
· Thumbnails
· Metadata
· Localization

This service is available  for every market that you operate in.

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