How we test

Testing resources whenever you need it

Every project requires a different testing approach to ensure the highest level of risk mitigation for your budget and turnaround. Our flexible approach allows you access to manual or automated testing or a blend of both. This can be delivered remotely, on-demand, on-site as part of your team or as a fully managed service. Whatever your testing requirements we are here to help you deliver with confidence.

On-demand testing

Extra capacity on tap

It’s hard to predict the level of testing you need and to maintain large testing teams to cover every eventuality. Our on-demand service allows you to expand your testing capacity whenever you need help and at short notice.

Our expert testers deliver round the clock testing support from our continental hubs. We work alongside your testing teams and integrate with your systems to give burst capacity to help you meet the tightest of deadlines. Typically, we run a POC to demonstrate our service and to give us a better understanding of your needs. Once you are on-boarded we can boost your capacity whenever you need it.

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Fully managed

You build, we test

We let you focus on developing your service and delivering great content rather than building and managing testing teams. Our expert teams ensure a great viewing experience for Film, TV and Live Sport.

Our project managers will assess your needs, build teams, create test cases and provide test strategies to meet your risk profile and budget. We will set up and manage teams dedicated to testing your service.

We carry the overhead and investment in infrastructure, devices and tools to ensure you get the safest testing service for your budget.

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Integrated testing

Supplementing your teams

When you need extra testing capacity or specialist testers but can’t increase head count our teams can work alongside yours, either on-site or remotely. We can provide support on a project of long-term basis for all your testing needs. Our testers are proficient in using all widely used reporting and communication tools. Reach out to find out how our testers can seamlessly integrate into your teams.

Extra support

Manual testing

Precise, intuitive, curated

Whether you need Functional testing, UAT or testing that cuts across multiple testing areas, our cross-trained teams can help you. Our experienced technicians have broad experience of testing with the best streaming services. This experience informs both structured and exploratory testing. They deliver curated test reports with qualitative and quantitive data to help inform your decisions.

Flexible testing

Automated testing

Automated QA as a service

We help you to get the balance between manual and automated testing right. Our experts will analyze your needs and calculate time savings against manual testing and present set up and delivery estimates. We will ensure that we deliver the perfect blend of tools, device farms and teams to help you with:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Better actionable data
  • Live global device testing
  • Faster and more frequent test cycles
  • Rapid scalability
  • Real time metrics with over +3,000 KPI’s
  • Customised dashboards and reporting

Our testing and monitoring solutions are delivered as a managed service by our teams of automation engineers and testers.

We have invested in the latest infrastructure, tools, and experts so that you don’t have to.

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Global Services

International testing & support

Our around-the-clock testing and monitoring services are delivered globally from our continental test hubs in multiple time zones giving support whenever it is required.

Our remote testing systems and automation give you the scale to rapidly expand into new territories. Our device-level remote testing systems allow in-territory testing and monitoring without the need to build local teams.


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