Content QC

Testing any content at any stage

Whether you are creating Originals, distributing Catalogue Content, or remastering beloved Classics, Testronic knows the right level of testing for your project. With nearly a quarter of a century of experience and having tested an Oscar winner every year, we are the go-to testing facility for Hollywood studios, Streaming Companies, Content Owners and Distributors.

Our world-leading studio and TPN approved facilities use the latest tools and streamlined processes developed over years to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective testing available.

Originals and Master QC

Testing with the best

Working with our testers ensures efficient and successful distribution of your pre-theatrical and Original content. When Major studios, Content owners and Streaming giants need the help of the “Golden Eyes and Ears of Hollywood” they come to us with their content. Our Burbank and Warsaw facilities are studio approved and are Dolby Vision and Atmos certified.

For each project we adjust our approach and will devise and decide on which state-of-the-art tools to use based on the following:

  • Nature of the content
  • Intended delivery target
  • Stage in the supply chain
  • Timescale
  • Budget

Contact our experts for advice on testing your next project.

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Broadcast QC

Maintaining standards

Deliver content successfully the first time around to ensure you never endanger a due date. Our teams can help ensure the appropriate standards are applied to check your content before submission to any broadcaster. Working with our teams allows you to scale up to ensure you hit your deadlines.

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VOD testing

Testing support on-demand

We are here for you when you need fast, efficient and accurate QC support. We apply the appropriate level of testing for every budget and delivery specification, whether to your criteria, industry standards, or platform specifications.

If you are unsure of the correct approach, let our teams guide you to deliver the most cost-effective and safe testing plan.

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Metadata Enrichment

Data driving discovery

Accurate and rich metadata adds value to content and is vital to ensure efficient discoverability and personalization. We use a mixture of AI, machine learning and manual logging to create rich, descriptive, time-based metadata, with schema designed to facilitate enhanced search, retrieval, licensing, and content sales.

Our curated metadata enrichment service provides technical, theatrical, descriptive, and time-based metadata for just a single file or an entire archive. Ask us how we can generate OTT ready datasets and reduce costs with our unique combination of AI, manual validation, and QC.