Testronic Increases Investment in QC Automation at its Multi-Site Testing Farms

Nov 19, 2020

Los Angeles, November 19, 2020 –Testronic, the leader in international quality assurance (QA), localization QA, and compliance for the film, television and games industries, continues to invest in its testing and automation device farms, designed for entertainment platforms and content owners to test their service on a growing number of devices and in all territories ahead of a channel launch. The investment includes the purchase of additional Witbe robots, SuitestTestComplete, televisions, and handheld devices. The device farms, located across two continents in North America and Europe, now contain more robots to aid in the automated testing of services due to the increased demand for outsourced testing services during regional lockdowns and the reduction of in-house testing teams.

Jason Gish, Testronic President of Film & TV, said: “Business operations are going through trying times right now, having to decrease overheads and deal with regional lockdowns including stay-at-home orders for their staff. Platforms and content owners are turning to Testronic to outsource the testing of their content and services on a perpetually growing and representative device farm. As a result, we have increased our investment in our test devices and automation framework, staffed by automation engineers and expert testers, to enhance our suite of automated services and technologies including Witbe robots and various consumer devices for streaming content.”

Testronic’s large device farms of Smart TVs, mobile devices, and set-top boxes provides automated quality control testing and is staffed by automation engineers and QC experts who have developed multiple automation testing frameworks and technologies to deliver automated QC.  Designed to provide economies of scale and deliver fast real-time monitoring and testing reports, the testing farms can also test using devices in any location without the need to be physically present.

Devices available in the testing farms include devices such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung, LG, and Roku, among others which can be tested from remote locations in multiple territories and countries.

With the increased investment in automation, Testronic can test and capture KPIs for:·      

  • Service availability  
  • Video and audio quality and availability
  • Measure load times
  • App launch time
  • Video initial buffer time
  • High blurriness, jerkiness, and blockiness events
  • Video and audio MOS score
  • And much more…