Testronic Invests in New State-of-the-Art Facility in LA

Oct 6, 2020

QC and QA Testing Facility Expands Due to Market Demand

Testronic has moved its Burbank headquarters, expanding capacity and investing in state-of-the-art technology.

The move, which took place mid-September during strict stay-at-home orders in LA, was able to complete on schedule and in time for the end of summer influx of volume, despite current Covid-19 restrictions. The bigger facility is necessitated due to increased demand for Testronic’s automation/OTT/streaming, Master QC and Disc QC services.  Just a few blocks up the street from the previous office, Testronic will continue having a presence in downtown Burbank, while keeping it’s global footprint with offices in London, Warsaw, Santiago de Chile, as well as the recent acquisition of Whyttest with offices in Romania and Serbia. 

Jason Gish, Testronic Film & TV President, said: “As the ‘Golden Eyes of Hollywood’, providing testing for the film industry for over 20 years, we needed to expand space for our staff and our facility to support the volume of work coming through currently and future-proof our capabilities and capacity for the future as much as possible. Our experienced and highly trained staff need facilities that can support all the major platforms consumers are using to ensure the work from the studios and streaming partners can be tested for optimal consumer experience.”

The new facility more than doubles the capacity of the former facility, providing two mastering theaters and seven mastering bays with the ability to expand into another eight bays as needed. Testronic has invested in increased storage capacity with a Quantum SAN with 192 TB tier one storage and 864 TB tier two storage. Other technology investments include:

  • Pro Sony monitors
  • Tektronix and Leader Waveform Rasterizers
  • Dante audio network for Dolby Atmos
  • LTO 8 drive for archiving TIFFs
  • ColorFront Transkoders for powerful playback and rendering of DoVi HDR in 2k, 4K & 8K
  • ColorFront QC Players
  • Dolby Vision Certification