Welcome to Testronic

Your global testing partner for content, distribution, and streaming. Helping you to ensure world class delivery and the best user experience.

Why Testronic?

We are the leader in Quality Control of Content and Streaming Apps helping you to improve performance, speed up delivery, and ensure the best consumer experience.

We are the only company who has cross-disciplined testing teams delivering expert support at every stage of the media supply chain from post-production to playback.

When you need to deliver on time, to the highest standards and to budget, we’ve got you covered!


We test for the best

4 out of 5 major studios

4 out of 5 major studios for a quarter of a century

24 streaming services

+25 streaming services

100+ oscar winning films

100+ Oscar winning films

Testing you can count on!

A year in numbers

8,000+ films

8,000+ films

600+ originals

600+ originals

1,500+ testing devices

1,500+ testing devices

80,000+ hours of content

80,000+ hours of testing

3,000+ performance metrics

3000+ performance metrics

How our teams can support you

4 out of 5 major studios

Originals & Master QC

We have the most experienced operators using state of the art tools to help you scale up to ensure safe and timely content delivery.

4 out of 5 major studios

Broadcast and VOD Content

Whatever the content or delivery specifications, we can help you to deliver on time and to budget.

4 out of 5 major studios

Platform & App Testing

Whichever stage of development and testing, we have the expertise and tools to support successful launches and to help maintain the highest standards.

4 out of 5 major studios

Streaming service testing & monitoring

Never lose subscribers through poor performance. Our live and VOD monitoring service lets you know when you need to act. We deliver testing results to your KPI’s and performance metrics.

4 out of 5 major studios

QA Automation

We deliver the most efficient mix of manual, blended and fully automated testing. Allowing you to reduce costs, rapidly scale, deliver globally and accelerate test cycles, without the need for remote testing teams.

4 out of 5 major studios


Simply the best for any size project or budget. From basic disc navigation and watch through to complex multi-language discs with Spatial Audio and Dolby Vision. Put us to the test.