Testing content

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Perfect delivery to smart TV, mobile, tablet, streaming devices, websites

End to end testing across the media supply chain

Our Solutions

Testronic is the only global provider of QA for all of your content deliveries, from Master QC, to OTT, and even Optical Disc. Our agnostic, 3rd party service gives you peace of mind that your platform and content will work the first time, every time on every screen.

We collaborate with the entertainment industry, leading technology innovators, content owners, content creators, and broadcasters to devise safe testing strategies for emerging consumer technologies. Our expert teams are here to protect reputations and make sure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Our ongoing investment in tools and talent enables us to support you with world-class testing whenever you need it, for any size of project. Our teams have helped speed up content delivery by up to 50%, reduce overhead, and allow for rapid scaling.

Hollywood studios have relied on our testing services for decades, with Testronic testing the quality of 7 out of 10 of the highest-grossing Hollywood films to date, along with films from major Oscar nominated categories for the last 23 years.

Let us give you the confidence you need before it’s released to the big screen and on any streaming platform or device.

New Podcast

Jason Gish, guest on the Xytech’s After Dark Episode 14 podcast, discusses the challenges of expansion during the pandemic and how QC / testing has become ever more crucial to deliver an exceptional user experience and avoid interoperability pitfalls. 

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Streaming Testing

Make sure your content appears correctly every time, for all audiences in every territory. When you need testing or monitoring support, we can help with the perfect mix of automated and manual testing services, no matter the size of the project. Whether your content is delivering to a living room device app, mobile devices, a website, or all of these, we’ll test to assure consumers get the highest quality experience.

Find out how our teams can ensure perfect delivery to every screen. 

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Content QC

Our testing approach is adjusted for each stage in the content supply chain, using either Assisted or Manual QC, or even both. We ensure that the appropriate level of quality control is applied to meet all specifications and requirements. 

Read more to discover how you can achieve cost savings, gain additional capacity, and benefit from our specialized professional testing.

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We are the world’s leader in testing of DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra-High-Definition discs on the most up-to-date consumer equipment. We’ve been delivering innovative testing solutions for over two decades and pioneering new testing methodologies for Immersive Audio, HDR and Dolby TM technologies, ensuring perfect delivery, in every format, for every market.

Find out how we safeguard the consumer experience and can help you reduce costs.